What is something that I should do daily to self-improve and be a kind person?

Areej Mughal
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Oh, dear, I hope everything is going well for you. Everyone is kind to some degree; it is human nature to be kind, so first and foremost, stop believing you aren’t.

Actually, we must eliminate mental blocks that are the outcome of erroneous actions, and these mental blockages are caused by unpleasant experiences, heredity, our environment, and other reasons.

So, if you follow the steps below for almost 21 days, I am confident that you will discover yourself to be an altogether new human being. (If you are wondering how you will become a kind person, don’t worry, it will come to you automatically if you follow the directions.)

>Every night before you go to bed, set aside 5 minutes for yourself and write down simply one item for which you should be grateful for the entire day. Start with your body parts if you don’t have any item to be grateful for, for example, grateful for your eyes, check it by simply closing your eyes and going about your usual routine. If you don’t feel anything, try it for a few days and then change the part; you’ll soon feel a lovely sense of thankfulness.

>Look for a positive thing in any negative situations, individuals, or experiences. There is always something positive to be found; all we have to do is look for it without bias. Yes, it is difficult, but it is not unattainable.

These are merely two fundamentals, and I believe you can do them without difficulty. You will be completely transformed once you have completed the task. This second activity can help you become a nice person ( yes yes you are thinking right when you look for positive things in everything you become kind toward others.)

You can ask me anything if you’re having trouble. I wish you a lifetime of happiness, health, safety, and prosperity.

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